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Plan Evaluation & Constructability Review


As a General Contractor/Construction Manager, and as part of pre-construction planning, SCCI employs its expertise and experience as well as the experience of its key subcontractors to evaluate the drawings and offer recommendations to the client  or architect as to the overall feasibility of the building construction, architectural components, and systems within the building.

Preliminary Budgets & Schedules
SCCI will prepare a preliminary budget for its client based on conceptual plans and estimates.  Preliminary budgets are determined using conceptual information from the client and historical data from prior construction experience.  SCCI prepares a preliminary schedule to depict project duration and major milestones.  Preliminary planning during pre-construction allows the client to make intelligent decisions early, ensuring success during the upcoming design and construction phases. 
Site Logistics

SCCI analyzes the best approach to site logistics during the pre-construction stage.  Forethought and planning of the site's usability before and during construction ensures that the most proficient approach to site logistics is implemented without disruption to planned site preparation, utility work, and site finishes.